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Avalanche Plastering
Owners Bart Walsh and Sam Singer (above), and Sam's sons Luke and Jack Singer (below)
Luke and Jack Singer, Avalanche Plastering - Connecticut and NY

Award-winning professional plaster masons serving contractors and homeowners in Connecticut and Suffolk County and Fisher's Island, New York.

Avalanche Plastering handles new construction, as well as repair and resurfacing of old plaster.  We specialize in resurfacing and two-coat veneer plaster. We also do conventional plastering, usually for remodeling and restoration of older institutional buildings or on curved surfaces. In addition, we do decorative plaster work such as moldings, and colored plaster. We can match textured finishes when doing repairs.

Advantages of veneer coat plaster include:

  • High quality finish at a fraction of the cost of conventional (three-coat) plaster
  • Greater impact and abrasion resistance compared to standard drywall and joint compound (more durable and resistant to scuffs, gouges and impact damage)
  • Improved sound insulation
  • Virtually flawless surface on a true, flat plane
  • Provides a look of luxury

Newer plastering materials are stronger, lighter, more fire-resistant and attractive. They also allow us to plaster over bases that a few years ago would have been impractical or impossible.

See photos and examples of projects we have worked on.

Contact us: 

Phone: 860.334.4816
Email: getplaster@aol.com
5 Cranberry Dr.
Uncasville, CT 06382-2006

Avalanche plastering

Bart polishes plaster to a mirror finish