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When Avalanche Plastering resurfaces existing plaster, we follow this process. You can leave all the baseboard, window and door trim in place. We will:

  1. Remove really loose plaster.
  2. Wire mesh
    This photo shows wire mesh that was used prior to plastering.
    For ceilings, we first hang wire mesh. This eliminates the need to remove a lot of slightly loose plaster, which also minimizes the release of potentionally lead-contaminated paint. (We vacuum up an dust that is released.)
  3. We apply a white-pigmented shellac primer to all exposed lath, plaster and painted surfaces. This is done as a precaution to prevent the old paint from reactivating and delaminating, while keeping moisture out of the old wood lath and framing.
  4. For ceilings, we apply the scratch and brown coats. For walls, we coat the entire surface in USG Durabond™ "hot mud." This seals up the surface and provides an excellent base for the plaster.
  5. While the hot mud is still wet, trowel in nylon screen over the entire surface to tie the whole ceiling or wall together and prevent cracks.
  6. Finally, plaster with a two coat veneer plaster system.


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