Avalanche Plastering. Professional plaster masons serving contractors and homeowners in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York since 1988.
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Photo Gallery

  • Avalanche Plastering: House Project
    Complex curves and lines in a remodeled older house. We did a lot of work to bring it all into alignment.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Residential - curved
    Curved dormer
  • Avalanche Plastering: Plasterwork
    We needed to make the lines, arches, diameterss per plan. The lines needed to be perfectly straight and parallel.
  • Avalanche Plastering:  House Project
    More fancy plasterwork. We had to plaster around existing woodwork.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Curved ceiling
    A curved ceiling done in wire mesh.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Church Project
    Existing condition in church, after tearing out really loose plaster.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Church Project - damaged plaster
    On this wall, the wood lathe (strips) had disintegrated and the plaster was pulling away. We removed the bad plaster. We repaired the base using cement board and Durabond, and then put a new plaster skim coat on and replicated the etched grout lines.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Church Project
    Same wall that had plaster removed. We mudded and screwed in cement board. We v-ed out existing cracks to prevent recurrence.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Churched Project - Wire Mesh
    Wire mesh is used with long fasteners that are screwed into the rafter (ceiling joists) so we don't need to rely on the strength of the nails that hold the lathe to the framing to hold the added weight of the plaster.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Church Project
    In this photo, Jack, Luke and Bart are plastering curved ceilings.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Church Project - hanging wire
    We located the framing, snapped lines and are installing wire mesh in this photo.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Church Project - Finished
    Finished ceiling. (We don't do the painting.)
  • Avalanche Plastering: Church Project
    St. Patrick's Church in Mystic - we re-did all the ceilings (using wire mesh) and re-plastered them with a light sand float finish to duplicate the original. look
  • Avalanche Plastering: Curved project
    We curved the ceiling over angled framing.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Church Project
    This photo shows curves, perfectly parallel lines, beads, etc. Everything is plaster except for the built-ins.
  • Avalanche Plastering: Carpentry
    Custom bracketed shelves we built
  • Avalanche Plastering: Plastered wall with grill
    We plastered this so you can't tell where the wall ends and the grill begins
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Examples of our work - fine plastering, renovation, custom carpentry

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